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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a popular choice in insulation.

  • Applied as a liquid, spray foam insulation expands to 100 times its volume in seconds to fill every crack and crevice.
  • Spray foam insulation remains flexible after installation the integrity of the building envelope seal remains intact over time.
  • Spray foam insulation acts as a complete insulation and air barrier to minimize air leakage and seal the building envelope for optimal airtightness.
  • Spray foam insulation can be used as wall insulation and can be applied as attic insulation

Open-Cell Insulation

Open-cell foam is soft. The walls (or cells) of the bubbles are broken, and air fills these spaces. This makes the foam soft and pliable, similar to a rubber ball. The R-value of the insulation is related to the value of the air inside these broken bubbles. Open cell insulation density is up to one pound per cubic foot.


Closed-Cell Insulation

Closed-cell foam is solid, as the cells of the bubbles remain intact, which makes the product rigid. The cells are filled with a gas that makes the R-value higher than that of open-cell foam. Closed-cell foam has varying degrees of hardness, depending its density, but is typically 1.5 pounds to 4 pounds per cubic foot.


Dow STYROFOAM™ Brand Spray Foam Insulation RS is a two-component spray-applied foam insulation that creates a seamless barrier for protection against water and air infiltration.
Offered in three formulas, it can be used for both new and retrofit applications, STYROFOAM™ Brand Spray Foam Insulation expands during installation to fill cavities, cracks and crevices, sealing against uncontrolled air leakage and helping maintain consistent, comfortable indoor temperatures. The closed-cell, 2 pcf foam serves as both an insulation and air sealant for a wide range of applications throughout the building envelope.


Thermal Barrier for Spray Foam

Building codes require a thermal barrier to be installed over spray foam insulation. We recommend the installation of FireStop TB rock wool insulation from US Fireproofing.

With successful completion of the NFPA 275 – Standard Method of Fire Tests for the Evaluation of Thermal Barriers Used over spray foam insulation, FireStop TB™, a spray applied mineral wool, is now classified as an equivalent thermal barrier. Not only does FireStop TB™ insure fire protection, but it provides excellent sound absorption with some of the highest NRC ratings in the industry.


Injection Foam

Foam insulation is not only for new homes. It can be used in existing homes as well – both as attic insulation and as wall insulation – with CFI InsulSmart.

CFI InsulSmart

CFI InsulSmart is an injectible foam insulation that expands fully before entering the wall cavity and hardens in place as it dries. InsulSmart can be installed from the interior or exterior of the home, and can be installed behind existing brick or block walls, including behind exterior walls of brick homes. It can also be installed in crawl spaces or in basement block walls.