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Testimonials from Homeowners

Nice and Neat

“They did the work, they tidied up very nice and neat, and it was great.”

Thank You for Sticking by Your Service

"This message is to say thank you for sticking by your service and coming out to fix what I'm sure was an unusual circumstance in a poor initial install that was done by one of your crews in my small basement job. Without hesitation, after calling [your office], Woodman came out right after my phone call and fixed all of the issues with no questions asked, and to my satisfaction. [Your installer] was very professional, courteous and tended to my requests, questions and suggestions. I will call on Woodman again in the future."

- Jeff, Homeowner

Excellent Work

“I would like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work performed on my home by your crew. They worked tirelessly to assure that my roof decking would be as well coated with Icynene as humanly possible; in this retro fit application. 

On these recent hot days I have used an infrared thermometer to monitor the difference in temps between wood surfaces in the shade on my back porch and wood surfaces in the attic; in the hottest part of the day my attic has been no more than 3 degrees warmer. Fantastic!!!

During my 17 year professional home inspection career I have noted that Woodman Insulation is more consistent than other insulation companies in the quality of work performed. I will continue to sing the praises of your company to my customers in need of insulation. Keep up the good work.”


Promptness, Cooperation, Quality of Work and Professionalism

“After deciding to retro-fit my family’s home, I started looking around to find the most qualified company to do it for me. I ended up choosing Woodman Insulation. What made them so excellent was their promptness, cooperation, quality of work, and professionalism.”

Great Job

“The crew did a great job and your crew was very personal. I am very happy with the work they did.”

- Michael

Prompt and attentive

“Thank you guys so much for being so prompt and attentive.  The (gutter) repair looks perfect.  I really appreciate it.”

- Brandon

We can FEEL the difference

"I am extremely pleased with the work performed by Woodman Insulation on our home. Every employee was a joy to work with.

When our house was originally built in 1987, we had R30 blown-in insulation on the attic floor. Over the years it had settled and had been scattered and trampled due to some plumbing work we had done. Woodman performed our work yesterday and we can already FEEL the difference. The furnace is not running as much and the run cycles are much shorter.

Woodman installed Themax Foam Board on the knee walls in our attic (adding R5 and sealing air leaks in those walls). They installed baffles to prevent covering soffit vents and blew in insulation to a level of R49 (21”).

[A friend] had highly recommended Woodman for work they had done on his house … I do as well."

Dennis, Homeowner

Very Impressed

“Your crew did a great job. I am very impressed and will recommend you to our entire neighborhood.”

- Robert

Well Done

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU and WELL DONE to you and the entire Woodman Team (From initial inspection and estimating, coordination and scheduling, installation and billing). The installation yesterday went extremely well and I was surprised at the short time it took to complete the job. Icing on the cake, we are eligible for the 2010 Tax Credit … thanks to you! I know it was a stretch … with my short notice and everyone’s busy schedules to fit this in by end-of-year and make it happen."

Best wishes to you and all the folks at Woodman Insulation for the New Year.
Dennis, Homeowner

Unbelievable Help on a Holiday Weekend

"We faced a potentially hazardous situation regarding fumes within our attic and had an immediate need for insulation removal and ventilation. Not only did our problem occur on a weekend but it was also the week of a busy holiday. ...The Woodman Insulation team acted with unbelievable responsiveness and professionalism. They put our needs as first priority and adjusted their schedules to get our attic insulation removed immediately with no questions asked. They then provided solid recommendations for a ventilation plan to completely remove the fumes and any long term impact to our health. They wrapped up the job over a holiday weekend and did not question our requests to have somebody looking over our job 24 / 7. We will turn to Woodman in the future for any and all insulation needs and we highly recommend them to family, friends and neighbors."